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HOBBY Vantana K60 FS

The Vantana will be available in season 2018 with a strong quartet of 4 attractive layouts. Two models, the K60 Fs and K60 FT, are just six metres in length, whilst the two larger representatives of the van series, the K65 Es and K65 FT, reach a length of almost 6.40 metres. Thanks to the fact that they are just about 2 metres wide, all four models are highly suited for city trips and narrow roads, for instance toward surfing spots or remote mountain biking routes.

And outdoor enthusiasts travelling in the Vantana do not need to miss out on mobile comfort and clever room concepts. In addition to the three layouts with a double-bed across the width of the vehicle at the rear, the K65 Es is also available with single beds.

All four models have a variable seating area for four persons in the front area. Two of these are created by turning the cockpit seats around. However, there are differences in terms of the sanitary area in the Vantana. There are two possible wash room solutions available depending in the model.

The automotive focus of the Vantana is clearly emphasised by its new exterior design as of season 2018 which makes the van much more streamlined. Anyone who wants more light in the rear area can order extra side windows.

Manufacturer: Hobby
Model: HOBBY Vantana K60 FS
Body Type: Lowline
Chassis: Fiat Ducato 130PS
Colour: White
Fuel: Diesel
Transmission: Manual
Engine Size: 2287 cc

PRICE(€): Call Liam on 087 2857602

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